DropBox – keep your files in sync between your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets

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DropBoxWe’ve all heard a lot about The Cloud recently, and vendors are scrambling to deliver on the promise in this space. Imagine being able to access your files from any of your devices – PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, whatever – and have them all stay in sync!

If you’re looking for a cloud file storage-and-sharing offering which is dead simple to use and just seems to work without any hitches, look at DropBox.

Here is how it works:

  • You create an account, and get 2GB of DropBox for free.
  • 50GB, 100GB, and 1TB subscriptions are available if you need more space or workgroup features.
  • You install it on each of your devices – PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and/or Blackberry.
  • Files you place or drag/drop there are synced automatically between all of your devices.
  • You can decide which files/folders on your PC/Mac are synced to DropBox, which aren’t.
  • You can optionally share files you store in DropBox with others, or just keep them private.
  • It works even when you are offline – you always have your files, whether or not you have an internet connection.
  • DropBox keeps a one-month history of your work – any changes can be undone, and files can be undeleted.
  • DropBox uses SSL and AES-256 bit encryption to keep your data secure.
  • Go here and try DropBox now!


Free Masters 2011 App in Apple’s App Store

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Masters 2011 AppThe Official iPhone app for the 2011 Masters Tournament from Augusta National, Inc. This is the live video and live scoring application for the Masters in Augusta, Georgia, April 4–10, 2011. New features this year – 5 channels of live streaming video, live updates of notable events as they occur, push notification alerts of breaking Tournament action and information. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later, available in English only. Available for free in the iTunes app store.



The Masters Golf Tournament - Augusta National, Inc.


Dell or HP laptop keyboard does not work after Windows starts

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Laptop Keyboard IssuesSome HP and Dell Windows laptops are plagued by a problem in which the keyboard and possibly trackpad stops working for no evident reason. The keyboard seems to work OK on BIOS screens and other pre-boot screens, but after Windows boots the keyboard is non-responsive. Attaching an external USB laptop will allow you to use the laptop, but it is a clumsy way to address the issue.

Often there is a quick workaround for this that you can try in just a few moments. First, shut down the laptop completely. Then, unplug its power cord. Next, flip it over and remove the battery. Flip the laptop back over, and locate the power-on button. Hold this button down for a good 30 seconds. Let go of this button, reinsert the battery and power cord, and try rebooting the laptop. If luck is on your side, this may have temporarily cleared up the keyboard issue.

If this fix seemed to work temporarily, your laptop manufacturer may have a new version of the BIOS available for download that fixes the issue permanently. After completely backing up your laptop, visit the manufacturer’s support website and see if such new BIOS version is available that lists this symptom and its fix. If so, you may wish to try the BIOS update. Updating the BIOS carries some risk, and should only be done if you are confident that you have a complete backup of the laptop, and are willing to assume the risk that the BIOS update will fail and render your laptop unbootable.


Is your home in a flood hazard area?

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We certainly have had more than our share of rain in the Atlanta area recently! Many areas experienced historic levels of flooding as swollen streams and area lakes overflowed. Lots of people had wet basement, but many were really flooded!

Is your home in a flood hazard area? FEMA has online resources which outline the extent of the officially calculated hazard areas. One such resource is FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer for Google Earth.

To get started, download and install Google Earth if you do not have it already. Then download the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer and save it. Opening this file will launch Google Earth with the FEMA layer loaded.

Here is a screenshot showing the overlay after choosing “Special Flood Hazard Areas” and “Floodways”.

The red areas indicate flood hazard zones, where flood insurance may be mandatory.


Select the right computer for college

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Congratulations!  You’re headed to college.  Many colleges have specific requirements for incoming students.  Georgia Tech, for instance, requires every student to have a laptop and gives very specific requirements. Some schools have no requirements but suggest that you check with the individual department within your college.

Check with your college to see if they have arrangements with Dell, Apple, IBM, etc. to purchase computers at a discount. Wherever you buy a computer, buy the computer and software separately. MS Office Student/Teacher edition comes in a 3 computer version — so it can be loaded onto 3 machines and not tied to a specific computer. Anti-virus products by Symantec and others also come in multi-user packs. You should check to see which anti-virus/anti-spyware software your school requires. Use their suggestions. Trying to substitute another anti-virus software will waste time and money. Some colleges sell third-party “computer service warranties”. On the surface these may seem like a good idea but read the fine print carefully. Most warranties only cover hardware problems and frequently exclude printers. Most computer problems are caused by software, viruses, and spyware which are usually excluded. Dropping the laptop or spilling liquid on the keyboard also usually voids the warranty.
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Stewart Cink, Duluth resident, wins British Open

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On July 19, 2009, Stewart Cink won his first major title at the 138th Open Championship at Turnberry, Scotland, defeating 59 year-old Tom Watson in a playoff. Cink had birdied the 72nd hole while Watson bogeyed, forcing the playoff. This is the sign that greeted Stewart at the entrance to his neighborhood when he returned home. Stewart likes to twitter – check out his tweets.


Save money on your next computer purchase

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In this economic climate it is more important than ever to get the most value for your money when purchasing a computer for your business. Dell has had a policy for a long time that Dell products purchased directly from dell.com can be returned for repayment or substitution within 30 days. Dell has an Asset Recovery Business that takes these returned computers, refurbishes them, and sells them in an online store.

These computers come with the same warranty as new units, ranging from one to three years depending on make and model.
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Remember Those Who Gave All

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On Memorial Day in Duluth, Georgia the streets and public squares are lined with flags and crosses, honoring those who gave their all to defend our freedom and liberties.


HP Laptop PC Battery Pack Replacement Program

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HP has announced voluntary recalls and replacement programs for some of the battery packs used in some HP and Compaq laptops. If you have one of these recalled battery packs, you may be eligible to receive a free replacement battery pack.

These recall programs were announced on May 14 2009, October 30 2008, April 20 2006, and October 14 2005.

If your battery back is identified as being included in this recall program, you should replace it even if you are having no problems with the battery pack. This is due to a potential saftey issue with the battery pack.

Full details can be found here


Watch Netflix movies instantly on your TV

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If you are a Netflix subscriber, you may have noticed that some titles are available for instant viewing on your PC. Now you can watch these titles on your TV instead of on your PC. Roku sells an appliance that accomplishes this. It is about the size of a paperback, and comes with an IR remote.


The little Roku connects to your home network wirelessly or via Cat5, and connects to your TV via composite video, component video, s-video, or HDMI. It is available in various models starting at $59. This is a flat purchase price, no subscription (other than Netflix) required.


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